About CEO:

The CEO of ARAMZ Technology & Business Solutions Inc. and founder of Your Food Genie DBA (YFG) is an idealist and a visionary person who likes to take challenges and find appropriate solutions for them. As an IT Engineer the CEO possesses the knowledge and knows the power of technology & internet. His vision is to create or find the source that benefits everyone and help those in need. His motto for life is "Face challenges, conquer and get peace of mind."

About Your Food Genie:

The idea and concept came in fall 2014 with a fairy tale story of genie in a lamp, you can rub the lamp and give your 3 wishes to genie to get reward. YFG is an online food order & delivery service where people can wish for favorite food online and, then, have it deliver right to their doorstep. Besides that people can discover, choose and order from the widest range of food available around their neighborhood! plus get great rewards for using YFG. It will be a great platform for people to rate their favorite food or restaurant in the area with their Foodie experiences. We are a company consisting of young, energetic, and highly motivated people who will ensure to make YFG bigger and better for its users.

We not only strive to get best service offered from a great pool of restaurants, but also ensure that every foodie's desire is fulfilled by our Genie.

  • Simple ordering process as easy as 1-2-3
  • A very user friendly service 100% free to use
  • A mobile friendly site for all the mobile device users
  • Exclusive rewards and Offers

We're here to help you and ensure that you enjoy your food. So if you are busy, tired or just simply feeling lazy to find or coordinating food for yourself or parties and meetings? Don't worry YFG is here to help you to ease your worries! We also specializes in online food ordering and delivery to make corporate events and meetings, Schools and colleges events, pharmaceutical catering and parties or party at your home. YFG is here to assist you choosing food, ordering and delivering it for your next meeting or catered event!

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