So, you’re planning have a party, food is often the number one priority. Besides food you usually busy in arranging other aspects of your event or party and you decided to order a food delivery from your favorite place or restaurant.

But Wait!

Your favorite food place or restaurant doesn’t provide the delivery and BAAAM! all your party plans are going in drain.

Don’t Worry!

Your Food Genie is here to fulfill your wish to save your plans. We created “Event Delivery” for people like you. Just fill out our online event delivery form and relax. Your Food Genie will make it possible to delivery your order On-Time so you can enjoy your event or party and spend quality time with your love ones.

We at Your Food Genie picks up your prepared food (Order) from a permitted FOOD ESTABLISHMENT including but not limited to a full-service restaurant for immediate delivery to you. Our “Event Delivery” service solely transports the FOOD and is prohibited from preparing or handling open FOOD. This term does include delivery drivers who work for us.

Besides That

Besides deliverying your food, we are proudly announcing to deliver the following at your DOOR STEPS!

Your Priscription Drugs & Medication

Cloths from Laundry Shop

Pick-Up ORDERS from Grocery Stores

Pick-Up ORDERS from Kroger, HEB, Fiesta, Wal-Mart


Note: Please place your order 24 hours ahead of your event to deliver it on-time. The event order has to be minimum $200.00 to use this service.



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